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Every size is possible according to the customer’s guidelines. Scarves finished with acrylic fringes, any colors. Possibility to add tags, badges, jacquard applications, embroidery and many other decorations and forms of branding. Due to the size, we divide into:

-Standard 140 cm x 18cm

-Midi 120cm x 15cm (children’s)

-Mini 55cm x 9cm (car with suction cups)


100% acrylic, two-sided scarf with its own graphics.


Scarf 100% polyester, two-sided with its own graphics. Any number of colors and resolution, the ability to place a photo. Acrylic tassels compatible with the color palette.


100% acrylic, two-sided scarf. Number and width of belts, any. Belts vertically or horizontally. Ideally suited for embroidery.


100% acrylic shawl, one-sided. Horizontal stripes, any width. It is a faithful copy of scarves from the late 1980s. Perfect for printing. Fringes “come out” from the shawl.


100Number and width of belts, any. Belts vertically. Thick and loose weave with a large “mesh”. Ideally suited for embroidery.