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Baseball caps

We offer baseball caps from the best producers such as Beechfield, Sol’s, Atlantis or the iconic Yupong. We create several proposals for the client according to its guidelines, presenting a wide range of models and solutions for decoration and branding such as embroidery, 3D embroidery, jacquard applications, patches, labels, leather applications and many more. Here are some of our projects:


Balaclavas in our offer can have any size and number of holes in accordance with your expectations. We choose the type of weave under customer’s guidelines and finish with all known methods of branding. We will also present your graphic design on the material structure. It is possible to use a zip to transform the hat into a balaclava.


Headbands and a hand. It is possible to use the use of jacquard, that is presenting your own client’s graphic using a knit structure. We also use embroidery, jacquard (woven) applications, printing in the case of cotton selection. We choose different types of knit weaves according to the preferences of the client depending on the destination, whether sport or recreational, or as part of everyday wardrobe.


Chimneys or in other words separate collars are an increasingly popular form of heating the neck in place of a scarf. We sew knitted chimneys with the possibility of presenting our own graphics resulting from the weave structure, but also fleece with the possibility of sublimation, which allows us to present the project in virtually any resolution. It is possible to create a tunnel at the end of the chimney so that after weave a string there and tighten it on a tiny buckle, we will get a cap. The possibility of using embroidery, applications, labels, badges and many more. Photos coming soon


Smooth sweaters, with stripes and with your own graphics. We will present your pattern not only on the front and back, but also on the sleeves. Thin and thick models tailored to customer needs. Sweaters are finished with elastic cuffs of any length. We choose the cut and the method of sewing according to the client’s needs. A full range of decorating and branding options.

Backpacks, Bags, Sacks, Sachet

All kinds of bags, sacks and backpacks. Sachets, posters, wallets and pencil cases. Fan cushions, flags, scarves as well as hats. These are just some of our products that we create from a to z according to the customer’s guidelines. We choose the technique of decorating and marking the goods according to the possibilities given to us by the material in order to obtain a solid and well-presented product. Here are some of our projects, more photos coming soon.