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Knitwear Factory Regnis

Regnis is a family business based on trust and professionalism. Through multi-generationality, we combine experience and traditions with a fresh perspective and continuous development. Our foundation is the people who, as a perfectly coordinated team, create a perfect mechanism, and this allows us to deliver unique products and taking new challenges with satisfaction.

Regnis was founded in 1990 as a knitwear manufacturer specializing in the production of sweaters. Even then, it revolutionized the market in Poland, introducing the colorful sweaters for children as its first offer.

When, a few months later, on New Year’s Eve, the owners received proposals to produce a scarf in the colors of the local team, they noticed in it a chance for development and decided to follow the blow. The first of January became the symbol of the first scarf for Regnis. The owner of the company, Michał Ziembiewicz, spent over a day designing and programming, and finally saw the first prototype of Lech Poznań scarf. This is how the company’s adventure with cheering started.

Today, the company’s production capabilities include thousands of pieces of the highest quality scarves and hats daily. The modern STOLL machine park allows both fast and mass production as well as short series of designs. Over the years, the company has developed standards that allow delivering effective but also standardized products.

Our experienced and versatile tailor’s creates hundreds of the best fans gadgets every day. Their surgical precision and conscientiousness is one of the pillars of our company. A team of creative and accurate graphic designers with the greatest attention to detail will design each design, and our experienced programmers not only optimize each project, but also constantly enrich our design base with new proposals.