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Any size, sewing style, finishing and marking options and many other technical references are set with you from the beginning of the order until the end of its implementation. We offer various models of acrylic, viscose and fleece caps. The possibility of using embroidery, printing, jacquard and leather applications, patches, tags and many more.

Possibility to place your own pattern on the cap, up to 6 colors. We treat hats in horizontal stripes as smooth. The possibility of using a small (3cm), standard (5cm) and a large (8cm) pompon in many colors (smooth, mix, stripes). The cap can be double-sided with unique graphics on each page. On request, we sew a fleece strap as an insole on the ears or we cover the cap with fleece from the inside completely. We sew hats with earbars, clowns hats and more.

Smooth, striped hat

Hat with your own graphics, jacquard

Hat lazio, line

Hat with earbars, clown hats and others

Cotton hats (viscose)

We also sew viscose knitted hats (88% cotton, 12% elastane) sewn in different cuts and sizes. It is possible to place a print with your own design up to 6 colors. On request, we sew labels and other forms of branding.

Fleece Caps

We use fleece in thicknesses from 300 to 400. We sew any cut according to your expectations. The possibility of using embroidery, printing, jacquard applications, tags and many other forms of branding. Caps can have acrylic pompons or various types of braids, bells or tassels. A rich palette of colors, including atypical camo patterns, melange.